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Floppy disk storage is provided by a built-in, 3.5 inch floppy disk drive.
Disks are 80 track, double sided, and formatted as 11 sectors per track,
512 bytes per sector (over 900,000 bytes per disk).  The disk controller
can read and write 320/360K IBM PC(TM) (MS-DOS(TM)) formatted 3.5 or 5.25
inch disks, and 640/720K IBM PC (MS-DOS) formatted 3.5 inch disks.

Up to three extra 3.5 inch or 5.25 inch disk drives can be added to the
Amiga.  The A2000 and A3000 also provide room to mount floppy or hard
disks internally.  The A3000 has a built-in hard disk drive and an
on-board SCSI controller which can handle two internal drives and up to
seven external SCSI devices.

The Amiga has a full complement of dedicated I/O connectors.  The
circuitry for some of these peripherals resides on the Paula custom chip
while the Amiga's two 8520 CIA chips handle other I/O chores not
specifically assigned to any of the custom chips.  These include modem
control, disk status sensing, disk motor and stepping control, ROM enable,
parallel input/output interface, and keyboard interface.

The Amiga includes a standard RS-232-C serial port for external serial
input/output devices such as a modem, MIDI interface, or printer. A
programmable, Centronics-compatible parallel port supports parallel
printers, audio digitizers, and other peripherals.

The Amiga also includes a two-button, opto-mechanical mouse plus a
keyboard with numeric keypad, cursor controls, and 10 function keys in the
base system. A variety of international keyboards are supported.  Many
other input options are available.  Other types of controllers can be
attached through the two controller ports on the base unit including
joysticks, keypads, trackballs, light pens, and graphics tablets.

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