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In a complex technical manual, errors are often found after publication.
When errors in this manual are found, they will be corrected in a
subsequent printing.  Updates will be published in Amiga Mail, Commodore's
technical support publication.

Bug reports can be sent to Commodore electronically or by mail.  Submitted
reports must be clear, complete, and concise.  Reports must include a
telephone number and enough information so that the bug can be quickly
verified from your report (i.e., please describe the bug and the steps
that produced it).

          Amiga Software Engineering Group
          Commodore Business Machines
          1200 Wilson Drive
          West Chester, PA  19380-4231

          BIX: amiga.com/bug.reports      (Commercial developers)
               amiga.cert/bug.reports     (Certified developers)
               amiga.dev/bugs             (Others)

               USENET: bugs@commodore.COM  or  uunet!cbmvax!bugs

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