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The following example shows a complete Copper list. This list is for two
bitplanes -- one at $21000 and one at $25000. At the top of the screen,
the  color registers  are loaded with the following values:

          Register        Color
          --------        -----
          COLOR00         white
          COLOR01         red
          COLOR02         green
          COLOR03         blue

At line 150 on the screen, the  color registers  are reloaded:

          Register        Color
          --------        -----
          COLOR00         black
          COLOR01         yellow
          COLOR02         cyan
          COLOR03         magenta

The complete Copper list follows.

; Notes: 1. Copper lists must be in Chip RAM.
;        2. Bitplane addresses used in the example are arbitrary.
;        3. Destination register addresses in Copper move instructions
;           are offsets from the base address of the custom chips.
;        4. As always, hardware manual examples assume that your
;           application has taken full control of the hardware, and is not
;           conflicting with operating system use of the same hardware.
;        5. Many of the examples just pick memory addresses to be used.
;           Normally you would need to allocate the required type of
;           memory from the system with AllocMem()
;        6. As stated earlier, the code examples are mainly to help
;           clarify the way the hardware works.
;        7. The following INCLUDE files are required by all example code
;           in this chapter.
        INCLUDE "exec/types.i"
        INCLUDE "hardware/custom.i"
        INCLUDE "hardware/dmabits.i"
        INCLUDE "hardware/hw_examples.i"

;  Set up pointers to two bitplanes
        DC.W    BPL1PTH,$0002   ;Move $0002 into register $0E0 (BPL1PTH)
        DC.W    BPL1PTL,$1000   ;Move $1000 into register $0E2 (BPL1PTL)
        DC.W    BPL2PTH,$0002   ;Move $0002 into register $0E4 (BPL2PTH)
        DC.W    BPL2PTL,$5000   ;Move $5000 into register $0E6 (BPL2PTL)
;  Load color registers
        DC.W    COLOR00,$0FFF   ;Move white into register $180 (COLOR00)
        DC.W    COLOR01,$0F00   ;Move red into register   $182 (COLOR01)
        DC.W    COLOR02,$00F0   ;Move green into register $184 (COLOR02)
        DC.W    COLOR03,$000F   ;Move blue into register  $186 (COLOR03)
;   Specify 2 Lores bitplanes
        DC.W    BPLCON0,$2200   ;2 lores planes, coloron
;  Wait for line 150
        DC.W    $9601,$FF00     ;Wait for line 150, ignore horiz. position
;  Change color registers mid-display
        DC.W    COLOR00,$0000  ;Move black into register $0180 (COLOR00)
        DC.W    COLOR01,$0FF0  ;Move yellow into register $0182 (COLOR01)
        DC.W    COLOR02,$00FF  ;Move cyan into register $0184 (COLOR02)
        DC.W    COLOR03,$0F0F  ;Move magenta into register $0186 (COLOR03)
; End Copper list by waiting for the impossible
        DC.W    $FFFF,$FFFE    ;Wait for line 255, H = 254 (never happens)

For more information about  color registers , see Chapter 3, "Playfield

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