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Table 3-16 shows a variety of colors and the hexadecimal values to load
into the color registers for these colors.

               Value   Color           Value   Color
               -----   -----           -----   -----
               $FFF    White           $1FB    Light aqua
               $D00    Brick red       $6FE    Sky blue
               $F00    Red             $6CE    Light blue
               $F80    Red-orange      $00F    Blue
               $F90    Orange          $61F    Bright blue
               $FB0    Golden orange   $06D    Dark blue
               $FD0    Cadmium yellow  $91F    Purple
               $FF0    Lemon yellow    $C1F    Violet
               $BF0    Lime green      $F1F    Magenta
               $8E0    Light green     $FAC    Pink
               $0F0    Green           $DB9    Tan
               $2C0    Dark green      $C80    Brown
               $0B1    Forest green    $A87    Dark brown
               $0BB    Blue green      $CCC    Light grey
               $0DB    Aqua            $999    Medium grey
                                       $000    Black

            Table 3-16: Some Register Values and Resulting Colors

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