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The two 9-pin D-type connectors with pins (male) are used to
interface to four types of devices:

    1.  Mouse or trackball, 3 buttons max.
    2.  Digital joystick, 2 buttons max.
    3.  Proportional (pot or proportional joystick), 2 buttons max.
    4.  Light pen, including pen-pressed-to-screen button.

The connector pin assignments are discussed in sections organized
by similar hardware and/or software operating requirements as shown
in the previous list.  Signal names follow those used elsewhere
in this appendix, when possible.

    J11 is the right controller port connector ( JOY1DAT , POT1DAT ).
    J12 is the left controller port connector ( JOY0DAT , POT0DAT ).

   While most of the hardware discussed below is directly accessible,
   hardware should be accessed through ROM kernel software. This will
   keep future hardware changes transparent to the user.

 Mouse/Trackball        Proportional Controllers 
 Digital Joysticks      Light Pen 
 Fire Buttons 

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