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This appendix describes the complete Zorro III bus, first implemented in
the Amiga 3000 computer.  The Zorro III bus is a performance 32-bit
expansion bus that is also upward compatible with the Zorro II bus (Amiga
2000 expansion bus).  The main intent of the Zorro III bus is to allow
fast 32-bit peripherals and memory devices to be added to a high
performance Amiga, such as the Amiga 3000, while at the same time allowing
standard Zorro II devices to be used wherever they make sense in such a
system.  This compatibility also insures that the Amiga 3000 will have a
number of hardware and software compatible expansion devices available
upon introduction, and that Amiga 2000 owners will be able to take their
expansion card investment along with them should they migrate to a higher
performance Amiga.

 General                         Electrical Specifications 
 Zorro II Compatibility          Mechanical Specifications 
 Zorro III Bus Architecture      AUTOCONFIG(TM) 
 Signal Description              Physical and Logical Signal Names 
 Timing                          Zorro III Implementations 

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