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These are the hardware components of the Amiga:

*  Motorola MC68000 16/32-bit main processor.  The Amiga also supports the
   68010, 68020, and 68030 processors as an option. The A1000, A500 and
   A2000 contain the 68000, while the A3000 utilizes the 68030 processor.

*  Custom graphics and audio chips with DMA capability.  All Amiga models
   are equipped with three custom chips named Paula, Agnus, and Denise
   which provide for superior color graphics, digital audio, and
   high-performance interrupt and I/O handling.  The custom chips can
   access up to 2MB of memory directly without using the 68000 CPU.

*  From 256K to 2 MB of RAM expandable to a total of 8 MB (over a gigabyte
   on the Amiga 3000).

*  512K of system ROM containing a real time, multitasking operating
   system with sound, graphics, and animation support routines. (V1.3 and
   earlier versions of the OS used 256K of system ROM.)

*  Built-in 3.5 inch double sided disk drive with expansion floppy disk
   ports for connecting up to three additional disk drives (either 3.5
   inch or 5.25 inch, double sided).

*  SCSI disk port for connecting additional SCSI disk drives (A3000 Only).

*  Fully programmable parallel and RS-232-C serial ports.

*  Two button opto-mechanical mouse and two reconfigurable controller
   ports (for mice, joysticks, light pens, paddles, or custom

*  A professional keyboard with numeric keypad, 10 function keys, and
   cursor keys.  A variety of international keyboards are also supported.

*  Ports for analog or digital RGB output (all models), monochrome video
   (A500 and A2000), composite video (A1000), and VGA-style multiscan
   video (A3000).

*  Ports for left and right stereo audio from four special purpose audio

*  Expansion options that allow you to add RAM, additional disk drives
   (floppy or hard), peripherals, or coprocessors.

 The MC68000 and the Amiga Custom Chips 
 Amiga Memory System 
 System Expandability and Adaptability 
 VCR and Direct Camera Interface 
 Amiga System Block Diagram 

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