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This appendix contains information on the Enhanced Chip Set (ECS).  The
Enhanced Chip Set consists of the Agnus (8372-R3) and Denise (8373-R3)
custom Amiga chips.  These chip revisions support advanced features in
addition to all of the standard features previously available.

The ECS is standard in the A3000.  The enhanced Agnus and Denise chips are
plug-compatible replacements for the originals in the A500 or A2000. There
are no provisions for installing the ECS in the original A1000.  The
A2000, when jumpered for one megabyte of chip memory, will function
normally with the ECS chips installed, under both V1.3 and V2.0 Amiga
System software.

The ECS chips are designed to function with either NTSC or PAL Amigas.
However, the chips from the US factory are configured for NTSC mode.  In
order to use them on a PAL system, you may have to reset the motherboard
jumpers for proper performance.

 New Features of the Enhanced Chip Set 
 ECS Hardware and the Graphics Library 
 ECS Registers 

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