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This chapter covers the operation of the Amiga's blitter, the high speed
line drawing and block movement component of the system. The discussion is
divided into three parts: blitter basics, blitter area fill mode, and
blitter line draw mode.  Some example blitter operations are listed at the
end of the chapter.

For information concerning the blitter hardware in the Enhanced Chip Set,
see  Appendix C .

 What is the Blitter?           Interrupt Flag 
 Memory Layout                  Zero Flag 
 DMA Channels                   Pipeline Register 
 Function Generator             Line Mode 
 Shifts and Masks               Blitter Speed 
 Descending Mode                Blitter Operations and System DMA 
 Copying Arbitrary Regions      Blitter Block Diagram 
 Area Fill Mode                 Blitter Key Points 
 Blitter Done Flag 

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